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Sakis Papadimitriou Nosferatu A Monopoli

The new release of the pianist, author and jazz radio broadcaster Sakis Papadimitriou which is, at the same time, our first release of our record label, Anakrousis.

"Nosferatu A Monopoli" was recorded in one continuous take during a showing of the complete version of the 1921 silent movie "Nosferatu" by F. W. Murnau, in the "Nino Rota" conservatoire in the city of Monopoli, Italy. The composer and the contralto Georgia Sylleou, were invited by the jazz pianist, Gianni Lenoci, teacher at the conservatoire, for a musical workshop in which also the artist and poet Mario Volpe and six students/musicians of the conservatoire participated.

The music, over one and a half hours in duration, follows, scene by scene, from beginning to end, this masterpiece of the silent movie era.

Sakis Papadimitriou, since 1989, has written music for 25 silent movies. However, for the first time, his music is performed by a Tentet. The musicians, playing 20 different instruments and with different experiences and backgrounds, (jazz, classical, ethnic, contemporary) while retaining their idiosyncrasies are transformed into an ideal musical ensemble creating the compact sound of a chamber orchestra, thus reaching every limit of one's imagination and creating an exceedingly highly inspired poetical atmosphere.

The musicians are:
Sakis Papadimitriou, Piano, Musical Director
Georgia Sylleou, Vocals
Gianni Lenoci, Synthesizer, Piano, Live Electronics
Mario Volpe, Sound Objects, Bambu Flutes, Live Electronics
Fabrizio Scarafile, Tenor Sax
Luigi Tridente, Soprano Sax
Francesco Massaro, Contralto and Baritone Sax, Flute
Francesco Angiuli, Double Bass
Giuseppe Amatulli, Violin
Marcello Nisi, Drums and Percussion
It is worth mentioning that instead of the usual plastic case we decided to make a high quality cardboard jacket which unfolds twice to the left and twice to the right. Each of the two cds has its own inner sleeve and is inserted, a la LP, into the sides of the jacket. There are Liner Notes in English, Greek and Italian.

The recommended retail price for this 2CD set is 30 euros. 

CD-1:  01.
Anakrousis/Generique, 02. Nina at Home, 03. Renfield The Middleman, 04. Farewell Nina, 05. The Voyage to Transylvania/The Book of the Vampires, 06. Gymnopedies at the Castle, 07. Love Letter, 08. The Contract, 09. Horror and Nightmares, 10. Harker Escapes.
CD-2: 01. Down the River, 02. Dr. Van Helsing's Laboratory/Nina by the Dunes, 03. The Death Ship, 04. The Master is Coming, 05. Eroticism, 06. Plague and Panic, 07.
Only can A Woman, 08. Chasing Renfield, 09. Finale.

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