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Athens Ledra-Marriott, 10-12 November 2006 Hi End Show

Atma-sphere MP-1 preamp with power supply and MA-1 (Silver Edition) Monoblocks.

Sound Lab Dynastat hybrid/electrostatic speakers.

Silver audio Powerburst and Wattmaster power cords.

Silver audio Appassionata interconnects. 

CD Transport and DAC by Counterpoint. 

Audiophile HQ-180g & 200g vinyl LPs, 24 KT Gold CDs/hybrid SACDs, DVD/DVD-Audio from Classic records, Groove note, Mobile Fidelity, Audio Fidelity, Cisco Music, King records, Pure Audiophile, Analogue productions, Anakrousis records, Alto, DCC Compact Classics, Green Room records.

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