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Patricia Barber

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This live recording of Patricia Barber has all the texture of her acclaimed studio recordings making it an essential companion to Barber's studio albums.

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Recorded live at Chicago's legendary Green Mill, Companion is the follow up to pianist/composer/vocalist Patricia Barber's critically acclaimed Modern Cool. The album opens with the late Sony Bono’s classic "The Beat Goes On" and closes with a jam oriented version of Peter Green’s "Black Magic Woman”. What might initially appear to be seemingly disparate choices in repertoire is held together via brooding, ambient soundscapes assisted into fruition by bassist Michael Arnopol and guitarist John McLean. Patricia Barber lives in Chicago and this live recording is particularly meaningful as a homecoming of sorts because Ms. Barber honed much of her craft at The Green Mill. Her style is consistently intelligent, understated, elegant and contemporary while firmly drawing upon traditional jazz and other elements from music’s past!

1. The Beat Goes On
2. Use Me
3. Like JT
4. Let It Rain
5. Touch Of Trash
6. If This Isn't Jazz
7. Black Magic Woman

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