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"Lucas Stephanides' "Original Classical LP Labels & Pressings {from the 1950's to the 1980's}, Volume One THE EMI YEARS]" is a serious attempt using label and cover art variations as well as matrix code “dead wax” information to trace a key part of the history of EMI Records with particular attention paid to how the label’s sonics evolved and/or devolved from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.if you are serious about amassing a collection of great classical recordings from one of the great 20th century labels, this book offers well-observed guidance"  Michael Fremer, AnalogPlanet. December 2013<br>

[Dear Lucas,We received the copy of your book several days ago and it has been passed around so that all can look at it. We are greatly impressed with the work you have done. The publication is top notch in all respects, both quality and content. Whoever did the layout did a superb job. Thank you very much. The book should and most likely will become the "Bible" of vinyl enthusiasts.We all thank you for the copy of your book. We will use it in the future for choosing recordings when demonstrating our speakers.My best regards,Connie and crew (Soundlab speakers)]<br>

[Dear Lucas,Thank you for sending me such a wonderful book!!  Its is beautifully presented and very interesting.  I was wondering why and how long did it take you to write this book?  What inspired you to put this book together? And will there be a volume two?Kind regards,Abey FonnImpex Records]


The aim of this book is to help the music lover and collector who takes listening to music and the reproduction of it very seriously. He has already made a considerable investment in the purchase of a sound reproduction system and also has a record collection that he wishes to increase and enrich. He may, on the other hand, have neither of these and still be looking forward to acquiring them. 

Our study will assume the form of a guided tour for the music lover and collector on his wonderful journey across the vast seas of discography in search of records. It will throw abundant light on the secrets records hide, revealing them to him, thus enriching his knowledge and initiating him into the art of buying and collecting records.

 «I had to find out why two copies of the same record sounded different. I wanted to know what the different labels on the records of a record company meant. I wanted to learn the meaning of all those letters and numbers engraved on the vinyl, in the so-called ‘dead wax’ area. I wanted to know if they were in some way connected to the differences I kept discovering during my comparative listening tests.»

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