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Music Preamplifier MP-3 MK 3.1

Ear Award Awarded the Golden Ear Award by the abso!ute sound, the MP-3 Mk 3.1 is based on the performance concepts pioneered by the original MP-1 preamplifier, and offered in a more economical single-chassis package. The development of the preamp resulted in a new patent. The MP-3 Mk3.1 is a fully differential all-tube preamplifier, with a direct-coupled high current output capable of driving low-impedance balanced-lines. Like our MP-1 Mk 3.1, the MP-3 Mk 3.1 easily drives interconnects over 200 feet long! The MP-3 Mk 3.1 extracts more ambient information with greater image specificity, bass definition and dynamic range than any single-ended preamplifier. Plus it perfectly complements the balanced design of our Music Amplifiers and any balanced tube or solid-state power amplifier. The patented innovations have allowed this preamp to take on a lot of heavy hitters; it is the best bargain in preamps available!

Balanced line technology has been in use in the recording and broadcast industry for decades, and can be credited with the production of high-fidelity recordings 40 years ago, before exotic interconnects existed. Balanced lines work better than single-ended cables, being dramatically more resistant to RF, magnetic and static noise. Low-impedance termination (600 ohm is the standard for line levels) greatly enhances these benefits. This is how the MP-3 Mk 3.1 virtually eliminates cable capacitance, inductance and construction problems, making long interconnect lengths possible without degradation. Now you can bring these advantages into your home, and eliminate the need for exotic, expensive (white elephant) interconnects.

In addition to its remarkable line section, the MP-3 Mk 3.1 works well with low-output moving coil cartridges and uses a minimum of connections in the front panel wiring and controls. A low number of gain stages (only three from phono input to line level output) insures the low distortion, wide bandwidth and superb dynamic range. The result is a truly musical package with exceptional value.


  • Balanced Differential Design®
  • XLR connectors for phono and auxiliary 1 and 2
  • XLR output connections
  • Patented direct-coupled Circlotronic® output
  • Zero feedback design throughout
  • Balanced passive phono equalization
  • Precision 23 position stepped volume control built with 96 resistors on a custom built switch
  • Two tape monitors inputs (tape functions use RCA's)
  • Precision components used throughout
  • Total system phase switch
  • "Star" grounding used throughout
  • Three-year warranty


  • V-Cap Teflon® coupling caps ($1500 for full function, $500 for line stage)
  • Teflon® custom coupling caps ($600 for full function, $300 for line stage)
  • Damping Package ($500)
  • Power Supply Regulation ($600)
  • Caddock resistor package ($1700 for full function, $900 for line stage)
  • Low Output MC phono step-up transformers ($750) recommended only if cartridge output is less than 0.3mV


  • Line section frequency response: 0.2Hz-200KHz, +0 db, -2db
  • Line section gain: ~15db
  • Line section input impedance 500K single ended / 1M balanced
  • phono section input impedance 47K
  • phono section gain: ~50db
  • Phono section frequency response: .5Hz-90KHz within 1/2 db
  • RIAA accuracy: within 0.1 db
  • RIAA phono sens. for 0.5V @ 1KHz: 0.2mV
  • Minimum recommended phono input: 0.24mV
  • Phono section output at clipping: 120V p-p
  • Phono input overload: 500mv
  • Power supply storage: 50 Joules
  • Tube complement: 7) 12AT7 (phono section) 2) 12AU7 (line section) 2) 6SN7GT (output section)
  • weight/dimensions: 20 pounds / 17" wide (front panel is 19") by ~13" deep including knobs and connectors, by 6" high (front panel)

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